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Past Shows


by Ayad Akhtar

Set in a spacious apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this play explores the inner passions and beliefs of five Americans from different cultures. The play explores how the beliefs we learn from infancy are buried inside our adult selves. Ultimately, we are who we are. We can run, but not hide from what we have been taught. We act on our values in spite of ourselves, and when confronted with opposing beliefs, we clash, and that is how wars begin. Intense and mesmerizing, this story doesn’t just unravel; it explodes on the stage. Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize. Adult themes and language.

Fiddler on the Roof

by Book by Joseph Stein, Music by Jerry Bock, and Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Winner of nine Tony awards, this beautiful musical play tells the story of the village of Anatevka, a Jewish settlement in Czarist Russia. Though poor in possessions, the family of Tevye, a milkman, is rich in daughters and happiness. Traditional values face changing social mores and growing anti-Semitism as the daughters fall in love and marry. The love stories of the play are captivating, as each daughter makes a different choice. The poignancy of the story and the beauty of the music have made this play a tradition for musical theater audiences everywhere, but especially powerful on the intimate Compass Rose stage.

The Liar

by Pierre Corneille, translated by Richard Wilbur

A rollicking farce by Pierre Corneille first performed in 1644. This hilarious play of mistaken identities and fabrications illustrates the tangled web which lies and deceit create. Dorante, the dubious hero of the play is fond of exaggeration, and at worst, bald faced lies. His lies are almost his undoing, but love and truth win in the end. Delightful and funny, this play is a Restoration comedy, but very relevant today.

Inherit the Wind

by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

This intense and gripping drama brings to life the story of the Scopes “Monkey” trial. Henry Drummond, a noted lawyer and Matthew Harrison Brady, populist and evangelist, descend on a small southern town to argue the case of creationism versus evolution. The struggle of knowledge versus ignorance is an all too familiar theme today in life as well as art. This powerful and timely play reveals how scientific fact needs to be defended and honored, or it will perish and become mere fiction.

Young Actors' Studio Presents: The Importance of being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde's classic is a delight from the first cucumber sandwich on as Jack's double life catches up with him. The problems are resolved in an extremely charming and quite unexpected way as Jack and Algernon discover the importance of being earnest while answering to the name of Ernest.

Young Actors' Studio Presents: Fantastic Mr. Fox

by Roald Dahl

Fun for the whole family! Come see Mr. Fox and his family execute their plans to outsmart the three bumbling farmers. This production is presented by Compass Rose Theater's Young Actors' Studio. Written by Roald Dahl and adapted by David Wood.


by George Bernard Shaw

This story of Eliza Doolittle and her professor, Henry Higgins was made into a musical much more famous than the original play by the impeccable G.B. Shaw. A wonderful comedic comment on the silliness of class structure in Britain, the topic of the play is very timely in today’s world, where appearance trumps reality almost every time. Wit and wisdom combine with a clever plot to create a comedic masterpiece. We laugh as we realize that the real values of honesty, integrity, and love are what matter in the end.

God of Carnage

by Yasmina Reza

In today’s world, civilized behavior, courtesy, and political correctness have evolved to keep raw emotion and impulses in check. When two children from upper middle class families get into a playground fight, both sets of parents get together over cocktails to resolve the dispute. The result is a dissolution of every rule of etiquette, courtesy, and correctness. Primal impulses come to the fore and we see the animal who resides in all of us. Darkly funny, with a wicked punch, this show is wildly entertaining, and illuminates the dark side of being human.


by Alan J. Lerner & Frederick Loewe

Long, long ago, in a magical time, life was simple. Dragons were real, innocent boys pulled swords from stones. Right was right and wrong was wrong and no one questioned the difference. The legend of King Arthur and his young bride Guinevere tells the story of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. The breaking of the spell of Camelot reveals the complexity and the struggle when ideal meet reality. One of the knights, Lancelot, falls in love and the kingdom crumbles. Set to the incomparable music of Lerner and Loewe, this play became a legend on Broadway. In this day of jaded dreams and twisted fantasies, it is important to experience a simpler time of innocence when ideals were a shining beacon within our reach.


by William Shakespeare

The keystone of Shakespeare’s works, this most famous play of all plays has a thousand times more words written about it than the play itself contains. Compass Rose Theater celebrates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare by sharing a live production of his most celebrated play. To portray this work, and bring it to life on our stage is an honor and a privilege. Hamlet, aggrieved son and nephew to the new king, seeks to avenge his father’s most certain murder. He must be sure of the crime before he acts; and it is in the struggle of whether to act or to wait that the drama of the play finds its core. Language so beautiful it is heart stopping, a story so compelling that it demands that we witness it live create an unforgettable theatrical experience not to be missed.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Secret Journey

by Rhoda Lerman

A winning entry in last season’s Rose Play Festival, this personal story of Eleanor Roosevelt is back by popular demand. On a limited run of nine performances, Sue Struve, who played the role last season, will recreate this personal journey of Eleanor at a time when we are deciding our next President. As the play reveals, women and politics were matched long ago. Discretion was the friend of power, and Eleanor Roosevelt became the first and greatest of influential women politicians and statesmen. Her inner journey leading to this greatness is the story portrayed with touching beauty in Rhoda Lerman’s play.

Young Actors' Studio presents: Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

In Our Town, life is simple. We live, we love, we die. Watch the story, as told by the Stage Manager, unravel to reveal the lives in Grover's Corners, New Hampshire. Included are the Gibbs' and Webbs' - neighbors whose eldest children fall innocently in love. We are revealed how the two met, fell in love, marry, and live in this simplistic and holistic tale.

Young Actors' Studio presents: Fools

by Neil Simon

Fools is an uproarious comedy by Neil Simon that is guaranteed to have you laughing from beginning to end. Leon, a young schoolmaster, has been hired by Doctor Zubritsky to teach his beautiful young daughter, Sofia. When he arrives he finds that the whole town has been cursed for hundreds of years with profound stupidity, and if there is any hope of him ever to be with Sofia, whom he falls madly in love with, he must lift the curse. Is he able to do it before he is cursed himself?

Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd
A Musical

by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

An upper class gent and a lower class commoner compete for the top of the heap in this play contest of wills. Add a band of rowdy urchins and this un-story dances into our hearts. Running on Broadway in the late nineteen sixties, this play is less a story than an allegory. Featuring such hit songs as “Who Can I Turn to” and “Feeling Good” this play is a circus romp of good and bad, up and down. Let us entertain you, and enjoy the ride.

The Diary of Anne Frank

by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

A simple diary discovered after World War II shares the inmost thoughts and wishes of a young girl, Anne Frank, penned up in an attic hiding from the Nazis. The story is too real, too poignant to be fiction. This Pulitzer Prize and Tony award winning play not only shares a young girl’s life during wartime, but also explores the longings and dreams of all young girls. Innocence and youthful spirit are unquenched by circumstance, as Anne still discovers the world looking at the sky through a crack in the roof. This play is rich drama, because we laugh as well as cry, knowing that life even at its hardest can still be lightened by humor.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

by Tennessee Williams

This steamy southern drama, filled with characters whose lives are torn with passion and lies won a Pulitzer Prize and was one of Tennessee Williams favorite plays. From the cat-like Maggie, the repressed Brick, with his latent longings, to the shadows of Big Daddy and Big Mama, this powerful story twists and turns our hearts and stirs our own longings. Come with us as we inhabit their world and watch it explode.


by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

Emerging from the mists of Scotland just once in a century is the town of Brigadoon, a place of wonderment and adventure. This love story beguiles us as it leads two American travellers into the world of long ago. There is danger and darkness in this place out of time, but love abides in the end. The outstanding score by Lerner and Loewe thrilled Broadway audiences long ago and will now grace the Compass Rose stage, with its tribute to simplicity, true love, and goodness.

The Rose Play Festival - A Celebration of Women

by Various Playwrights

As an invited guest of the Women’s Voices Play Festival in Washington D.C., Compass Rose will fully produce a new play by a woman playwright to be held during this new play festival for the fall of 2015. Other offerings will include staged readings of other new works and a performance of Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare performed by the Young Actors’ Studio of Compass Rose Theater.

Young Actors' Studio Presents: Pride and Prejudice

by Jon Jory (Adapted from the Novel by Jane Austen)

All of the wit and romance of Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel come to life in this refreshingly fast-paced and engaging new adaptation. Finding a husband is hardly Elizabeth Bennet's most urgent priority. But with four sisters, an overzealous match-making mother, and a string of unsuitable suitors, it's difficult to escape the subject. When the independent-minded Elizabeth meets the handsome but enigmatic Mr. Darcy, she is determined not to let her feelings triumph over her own good sense -- but the truth turns out to be slipperier than it seems. In a society where subtle snubs and deceit proliferate, is it possible for Elizabeth and Darcy to look beyond his pride and her prejudice, and to make the best match of all?

Greater Tuna

by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard

A howlingly funny play about the folks of the fictitious town of Tuna, Texas. Two actors play twenty different colorful characters of the town. An irreverent satire on politics and family in middle America.

Murder in the Cathedral

by T.S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot's verse dramatization of the murder of Thomas Becket at Canterbury, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. A vastly different view of T.S. Eliot’s poetic gift, this gripping drama portrays the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170. Becket struggles with four tempters, each with posing a different challenge. Praised for its poetically masterful handling of issues of faith, politics, and the common good, T. S. Eliot's play bolstered his reputation as the most significant poet of his time.


by Andrew Lloyd Webber

The second longest running play in Broadway history, and one of the plays which revolutionized American musical theater. Based on the poem Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, a playful examination of the nature of cats. Dance, music, and memories – and of course, lots of cats!

Young Actors' Studio Presents: Miss Electricity

by Kathryn Walat

Final Performance of the Year

Ten-year-old Violet is determined to show the world, not to mention the cool kids at school, just how special she is. With the help of her assistant Freddy, she sets out to break a world record, but becomes accidentally extraordinary when she's struck by lightning – twice – and gains control over all things electric. Under the name Miss Electricity, Violet zaps her way through circuits, bullies, and tests, but could lose everything when the power goes to her head.

A Raisin in the Sun

by Lorraine Hansberry

Winner of four Tony awards, the iconic story of the struggle of an African-American family poses eternal questions about identity, justice, and moral responsibility. An unflinching vision of what happens when dreams are constantly deferred, this American classic is as powerful today as it was 50 years ago.

Young Actors' Studio Presents:
In Wonderland

by Tyler Herman

A new immersive site-specific work

Another Day on Willow Street
World Premiere

by Frank Anthony Polito

Two couples, one gay and one straight, struggle with their relationships on the days leading up to 9/11/01, when change sweeps over the world – and their lives.

Young Actors' Studio Presents: The Devil and Daniel Webster

by Stephen Vincent Benet

The stirring tale of how Daniel Webster fought the Devil for the soul of a New England farmer and won! (Complete with a zombie jury!) Appropriate for ALL ages.

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

The greatest tragic romance of all time, told in the majestic language of the greatest playwright who ever lived.

Look Homeward Angel

by Ketti Frings

This is the coming-of-age story of novelist Thomas Wolfe from his humble beginnings in the American South of 1916. "Look Homeward Angel" won the Pulitzer Prize and Best American Play from the Drama Critic's Circle.

Young Actors' Studio Presents: Seven in One Blow or the Brave Little Kid

This updated version of the "brave little tailor" fairytale is told in present day with colorful characters, including an Ogre, a Witch, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and, of course, the Brave Little Kid. Enthralling for children ages 3-10, but fun for adults too!

The Sound of Music

by Rodgers and Hammerstein

The remarkable story of the von Trapp family and their escape from the Nazi regime in Austria, told to the incomparable music of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The Little Prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Adapted for the stage by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar

The Little Prince tells the story of a world-weary aviator whose plane crashes, stranding him in the middle of the desert. When a mysterious, regal little boy appears and asks him to draw a sheep, the aviator is annoyed - unaware that he is about to have a transforming experience. By learning that "what is essential is invisible to to the eye" the aviator comes to a new understanding of how to laugh, cry, and love again. This play appeals to children of all ages!

New Play Festival

by numerous playwrights

Compass Rose Theater announces its first annual Play Festival! This festival will feature staged readings of new plays by playwrights who have been selected for excellence in play writing. The new plays presented will range from a play about bullying by a Compass Rose student, to a keynote speech by Lee Blessing, renowned playwright and author of the final play of our season, Eleemosynary. Each reading will be followed by a question and answer session with the playwright.


Read Reviews

by Lee Blessing

Spectacular Reviews!

On a stage filled with books, wings and spelling bees, Lee Blessing's Eleemosynary weaves past and present to examine the relationship of three singular women: willfully eccentric Dorothea; her brilliant and estranged daughter, Artie; and Echo, Artie’s bright and sensitive daughter. Tragedy brings them together after years of separation, forcing them to look into their past for a key to their future. An intelligent and touching play. (Appropriate for ages 9 and up.)

Barefoot in the Park

by Neil Simon

Neil Simon's classic 1960s romantic comedy Barefoot in the Park finds joy and laughter in young love as it follows a newlywed couple beginning life together in a 5th floor Manhattan apartment. Whimsical, free-spirited Corie and strait-laced Paul begin their marriage to numerous challenges in life, and love. The young couple must contend with a broken heater, leaky skylight, a daily climb up several flights of stairs, an eccentric neighbor, and a mother-in-law who drops in often to 'help.' This play will delight singles and couples alike with a comedic look at the ups and downs of married life, and the ties of love and commitment that unite us all.

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Christopher Sergel

Compass Rose Theater is proud to open its 2nd season with To Kill a Mockingbird, dramatized by Christopher Sergel from the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Harper Lee. In this American classic, young Scout sees her father Atticus exhibit a kindness and desire for justice that will leave an indelible mark on his daughter and a small town in Alabama in the year 1935. To Kill a Mockingbird teaches us about the importance of community, tolerance, love, and compassion. Atticus tells Scout that you can never truly understand another human being without first taking a walk in their shoes. It is this striking lesson that speaks directly to the mission of Compass Rose Theater, and we hope you will join our students and actors as they walk in the shoes of these memorable characters in our first production of the season.


Read Reviews

by Lionel Bart

Compass Rose Theater proudly presents Oliver! The MusicalBased on Charles Dickens fable about a starving orphan in 19th century London, the play tells the rags to riches story of goodness rewarded and thievery and wickedness punished.   Lionel Barts musical score includes world famous songs such  as  “Where is Love” and  “As Long as He Needs Me.”    A professional cast will be rounded out by Compass Rose students who are incorporated as full members of the production.

The Miracle Worker

Read Reviews

by William Gibson

The Miracle Worker is the true story of Helen Keller's discovery of language. Helen, a young girl, is blind and deaf from infancy. The Keller's, a wealthy Southern family, desperately seek a cure for their daughter, reaching at their utmost desperation to a school in the North, where they find Annie Sullivan, a poor student, who travels to live with them to try to tame Helen's wildness and educate her. The play centers around Annie's determination to reach within Helen's young mind by any means to unlock the key to language - and in reaching her, finds love in herself and touches our hearts. This play is spellbinding.

Lost in Yonkers

Read Reviews

by Neil Simon

Compass Rose Theater presents Lost in Yonkers, the Pulitzer prize winning play by Neil Simon - Two boys in the 1940s are left in their Grandma's home in Yonkers while their father is away working. Grandma Kurnitz is a fierce, strict and distant woman, who has raised 6 children and wants no more children in her small apartment above her candy store. Addled Aunt Bella, who lives at home and Uncle Louie, the shady "business man", and Aunt Gert, gather round to love and help the boys as they come to realize the hard realities of life in Yonkers, and the joy of surviving hard times together. Directed by Brandon McCoy with an outstanding cast including two students from Compass Rose Theater starring as the grandsons, Jay and Arty.