Mission Statement/DEI

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Compass Rose Theater is a professional theater rooted in the belief

that theater education creates performance excellence.

Compass Rose Theater is a non-profit professional teaching theater company. We believe that diversity and inclusion enrich our creativity and broaden our world. At our core is our devotion and unwavering commitment to produce plays of superb quality and richness, hiring accomplished professional artists as well as talented students for our productions. As the compass rose on a nautical map guides the mariner, Compass Rose Theater charts a course toward plays which not only entertain, but offer a theater experience which lifts us up and transcends the ordinary, leaving us with a better understanding of the world and ourselves.

We subscribe to Actor's Equity Association's (AEA) stance on diversity, equity and inclusion that states, "One day, every American theatre will be a safe, equitable, and inclusive workplace filled with arts practitioners who represent and reflect the wonderful diversity of the human tapestry, promoting the union values." AEA is the union for professional actors and stage managers and "Equity Rules" largely govern our approach to collaboration and our working conditions.

Compass Rose Theater’s goal is to offer high-quality professional theater experiences and to provide young people with the necessary skills and resources to engage actively in the world of professional theater. We aim to create opportunities for these young talents to be a part of the professional theater world.